2-Starting Beta Testing

To start beta testing of your app, go to the My Apps section on the iTunes Connect home page and click on your app:


Provide Test Information

Select the Activity tab and you’ll find your latest build. Make sure it is no longer marked as processing. If it is, go make another cup of coffee and come back later. :]


Next, click on the TestFlight tab, then Add iTunes Connect Users and Add Exter Testers in the left hand menu. image-20180416143225614

Before start testing your builds, you must first provideTest Information. Fill in all the fields. Remember – the more information you give Apple the easier it is for them to review your app! Finally, hit Save.


In addition, you may also need to select the encryption information, click on the yellow triangle, please fill in the actual situation, if not directly select no.


Now you can start to add tester, the tester is divided into internal tester and external tester, the internal tester is the internal staff of this account, you can add up to 25, this Need to be added in "Users and Functions" in iTunes Connect, and we will not add it here.

Add External Testers

Click Add External Testers to start, before you add External Testers, you must Create a New Group first. Type a Name and click Create.


Now, Choose Add Testers


Choose Import from CSV and hit Next.


Click Choose CSV file


Choose the CSV file, which one we give (you download from TestFlight.top), and click Import.


Import Sucsesful and hit Done.


Now you can see all External Testers on your Display.


But, you may not have a Bild for this group, you may go next and choose a Builds for this group.

Add Build To Test

You now need to select a build for your external testers, and put that build through the Beta App Review.

Click tab Builds and click " + " to choose a Build for this group.


Choose a Build for this "external testers group" and Next.


If your App need to Login before useing. you need to give a Test_Acount to Apple, if not, just unchecked and Next.


Write Testing Information for Testers and hit Submit for Review.


Now Your app will be added to the review queue, and the Status is "Waiting for Review"

Note: In my own experience, your first beta app review can take up to 48 hours to be approved. Subsequent beta app reviews are usually much faster.


After Review, TestFlight.top can recive Emails.


and your form will be soon Available.

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